About This Project


Ultrasound waves are transmitted with an ultrasound probe directly into the fat layer of the skin (adipocyte), stimulating lipolysis of fat cells, triglycerides are released from fat cells. These fats are then expelled from the body naturally trough the excretory organs.


US Sonic uses the ultrasound cutting-edge technology of very high speed, low-frequency sound waves that radiate invisible micro vibrations deep within cells, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms in distinct ways.


US Sonic is gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Rosacea/Sensitive to Acne to Mature skins. Even

the most sensitive skin will benefit from Ultrasound treatments.


US Sonic gives immediate and visible result after each treatment, the skin of the body and face will immediatly appear clear and rejuvenated. US Sonic uses a procedure comfortable and painless, has no side effects.


• Multiple treatments for the different stadium of imperfections due to the cellulitis
• Treatments on the woman as well as men
• Possibility to act also on specific parts
• Head for the manual treatments anti-cellulitis* and streamlining impact
• Pre-set programs for all the body areas
• Adjuvant treatment before and after liposuction
• Improve of the metabolism of adipose tissue
• Smoothing skin
• Improving of the microcirculation


• High luminosity touchscreen display
• Intuitive icons interface
• Controls of the unit made by one knob
• Multipurpose encoder, keys or touchscreen
• Stored protocols inside
• Customized programs
• Possibility to upgrade through USB port
• Six languages software


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