About This Project


Pressotherapy is a compression system that increases the lymphatic and venous flow. It works through a controlled pump that inflates the individual sections of specific accessories utilized, which are  positioned around the limbs.


HP Presso has an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through lymphatic drainage, helps the body to eliminate the toxin. This procedure allows to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms, improving the skin tone. HP Presso is particularly indicated for the treatment of cellulite, of slimming and detoxifying, for body shaping as a safe alternative to liposuction, it is a good solution to relieve pain and swelling providing immediate comfort.


HP Presso has a simple and intuitive touch screen control, so it is easy to operate the machine with your finger or a stylus. The Screen content is easy to read thanks to the large and colored controls and fonts.


HP Presso is easy to use with its memorized programs. For each program you can select the working parameters to adjust the treatment on each customer’s needs.


HP Presso has one channel for LEG or for ARM. Channel has a separate sectors, it is possible to select the power of pressure for each of them.


• Lympho drain effect
• Deep draining vain effect
• Anti-edemigene effect
• Anti-cellulitis effect*
• Leg tratment with different programs
• Arms treatment
• Differents programs based on the needs leg+arms
• Accessories are adjustable in height and width, depending on the needs and the dimensions of the the treated subject
• Maximum comfort given by the quietness of the equipment
• Automatic deflation of the bladders


• High luminosity touchscreen display
• Intuitive icons interface
• Controls of the unit made by one knob
• Multipurpose encoder, keys or touchscreen
• Stored protocols inside
• Customized programs
• Possibility to upgrade through USB port
• Six languages software


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