About This Project

tesla pulse is a device designed for professional applications for the treatment of oste-articular pathologies.


tesla pulse can command a pair of flat transducers (optional) and a new handle of pulsed magnetic field. Outputs can be activated individually.


tesla pulse in PULSE mode through the interchangeable circular head of the handpiece emits a pulsed magnetic field characterized by: Low frequency, negligible electric field, high magnetic pulsed field (1 Tesla) (RAdiated Magnetic Pulse RAMP), negligible thermal effects, high penetration in tissues, this particular field results in non-invasive and non-painful applications, favoring draining and cellular normalization through tissue and cell biostimulation for the treatment important traumatic pathologies with or without edema, inflammatory and / or painful forms such as cervical arthrosis, lumbagoe, scapolomeric periarthritis, sciatica, tendinitis, sports trauma (stretching, tearing, etc.)


tesla pulse has a touchscreen graphic display that allows interactive control of the unit.


Power supply 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Electrical input power 120 VA 


FEATURES pulse mode
Output frequency 0,5 – 5 Hz
Max output level 10 kGauss(1T)


High luminosity touchscreen display
• Intuitive icons interface
• Controls of the unit made by one knob
• Multipurpose encoder, keys or touchscreen
• Stored protocols inside
• Customized programs
• Possibility to upgrade through USB port
• Six languages software



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