About This Project


onda is a non-focal (radial) waves therapy device, which radically changes the therapeutic methodology of many  musculoskeletal system disorders


Shockwave technology consists in generating an acoustic wave characterized by a high energy peak adjustable in a given frequency range. An accelerated bullet in the handpiece, trough electromagnetic impulse, generates a mechanical pressure wave that is transferred to a specific area by irradiating the tissue


Mechanical energy creates biostimulation reactions in the tissue, giving positive influencing in a wide range of orthopedic, physiotherapeutic and antalgic conditions.


onda represents the best compromise between performance and practicality, delivering up to 185 mJ MAX (comparable around 6 bar of the pneumatic system) of variable frequency energy with a compact design to maximize the transportability of the unit. It also decreases the painful feeling by better distribution of the pressurized waves, allowing to the operator to obtain better therapeutic feedback.


The high intensity delivery allows to act on tendon osteo calcifications improving the biological repair mechanism


Therapeutic Indications
• Bunions
• Coxarthrosis
• Epicondylitis / Epitrocleitis
• Stress FractureFrom Periostitis
• Active Periostitis
• Risoisoarthrosis
• Tendinitis and tendinopathy
• Tendoperiostit



Energy 60÷185 mJ
Working mode 4 Modality (continuous/4/8/12 pulse)
Working Frequency 1÷22 Hz
Power supply 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Maximum output power 250 VA
Applicators 6/15/25 mm


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