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The transmission of any information transmitted will be consider irrevocable cession a free title effectuated from the Users to LED SpA of every and any Users owned right of the same information. Consequently,  LED SpA could utilize in any forms and mode information contents or part of it, freely, therefore, it will not obligated in: (I) keep reserve to the transmit information (II) pay corresponding for the utilization of any form and way of transmitted information.

Users guarantee that the information transferred to LED SpA and their utilize from LED SpA, don’t violate in any way, in all part or in a part, the third-born  included, but unlimitedly to, intellectual and industrial property, personality rights, property rights, either constitutes industrial or commercial secret violation.

The only responsible of the information transmitted will be the User that transmitted them; in particular, User bind himself to keep unharmed LED SpA to any claim that third-born could claim in relation of rights of any nature and kind of the transmitted information.


LED SpA guarantee that all data supplied from the User will be discuss in conformity as forecasts to the information of  reservation norms, with respect of the italian law no. 196/2003.

Collected data, discussed as a lawful mode,  and according to correctness, will be utilized from LED SpAonly and for: a) supply offered service from the present website b) verify the Users satisfy level c) Inform the User about possible new products, new initiatives , events and services d) to communicate commercial offer about products or services supplied from LED SpA or from connected or checked companies or LED SpA stipulated or will stipulate commercial agreement, with e) to fulfill to law obligations.

Data treatment could be effectuated from LED SpA trough manual, informatics or telematic instruments, suitable to  memorize, manage and transmit data self.

The utilization of this website the User authorization of treatment of his personal data for the above scopes.

User has right in any moment to know the existence of his personal data, to know the his data origin as well as the logic and the finality in which is based the treatment, to the transformation in anonym form, to the cancellation, to the adjournment, and/or him personal data rectification /integration, to opposes per legitimate reasons to the data treatment, even if  they are pertaining  to the collection scope, to oppose to data treatment forecast for the mailing of advertising or commercial information purpose.

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