About This Project


SURTRON SB is the equipment specifically designed for coagulation treatment, preliminary to the act of resectioning, for the purpose of reduce and eliminate bleeding during and after treatment of parenchymatous organs.



SURTRON SB contributes to solve the bleeding problem, which still constitutes a major problem associated with hepatic resectioning, avoids need of blood transfusion, cuts down post operative sequelae as well as operative and post-operative hospitalization time of the patient.



SURTRON SB acts by means of innovative, patented, incremental radiofrequency generator having automatic control of the energy provided to the parenchymatous target through a multielectrode device, similar to a comb, proper to promote the coagulation and shrinking of the total parenchymal thickness at the transection plane.



SURTRON® SB has been designed and developed at the laboratories of LED SpA in collaboration with Tor Vergata University in Rome – Italy.


Patented US 8235991

It consist of:
– Innovative Incremental Voltage RF Generator
– Disposable No-Stick Multielectrode
– Guide designed to avoid electrodes
– Protective shield to help in the insertion of the electrodes and for thermal isolation of the tissues below the parenchyma


Code 10900.20
Max output power 250 W-50 Ω
Working frequency 350 kHz
Max output voltage 600 Vpp
Input voltage 100-240 Vac
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Electrical input power 450 VA
Size WxHxD 470x150x400 mm
Weight 15 Kgs


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